It is often assumed that to be a good math teacher one just needs to master the content. There is very little evidence to support this idea. Courses in advanced mathematics do not necessarily contribute to more effective teaching. Raising the standards for students demands that we first raise the standards for our teachers. We need to better prepare our math teachers for teaching under the guidelines set forth in the Common Core State Standards.

Our aim is to assist teachers in becoming the teacher they would have wanted their teachers to be. We encourage participants to become aware of current educational trends. Emphasis is placed on the development of teacher confidence so that they in turn can cultivate confidence in their students. A collaborative environment will be used to raise the awareness of the importance of sharing ideas and to reduce anxiety.

The purpose of the Program is to offer an opportunity for teacher participants to be engaged in a high quality mathematics education program. This will allow participants to acquire pedagogical skills that meet the high demands of the New York State Math Curriculum and the Common Core State Standards.

Now, more than ever, teachers are being evaluated not just by the administrators but by the public in general.

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